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MGGA Members Section Overview
The newest addition to our web site - the Members Section - is intended to help both new and 'seasoned' growers share their experience and knowledge. We hope that this 'sharing' will not only make our grape growing lives a little bit easier, but in the end will also help make us better growers. Listed below are some of the features of the Members Section.

Growers Forum
This message board service features a straightforward user interface, making it easy to join in on a wide variety of grape growing/winemaking discussions.

Vineyard Profiles
Here's where growers can find out what's growing in their area, and share with others specifics such as varieties planted, soil type, growing (and winemaking) notes - and more!. The benefits to both new and
experienced growers are obvious.

Weather Stations
Real-time weather data from Personal Weather Stations throughout the state will be used to put together forcasts that will alert growers when conditions for disease outbreaks are favorable. This should equate to more accurately-timed pesticide applications.

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