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Sensitive Crop Program
The MDA is establishing a voluntary statewide database containing specific information on sensitive/specialty crops produced in Maryland. The information provided by growers would include the name and address of the grower; type of crop/commodity produced; acres of crop grown; and the specifc location where each crop is grown. MDA will contract for the development of a Sensitive Crop Locator website that integrates the data collected into a geographical information system, including geocoding for each location where sensitive specialty crops are grown. (Online Map)

Pesticide applicators will then have the ability to pull up maps and aerial photographs to seach for, locate and identify any sensitive/specialty crops in areas where they will be making pesticide applications. This information will help pesticide applicators identify locations where sensitive crops are grown; protect crops from inadvertant spray drift from neighboring fields, and provide mitigation of food safety risks posed by illegal pesticide residues.

All grape growers are encouraged to participate in this program. The application form can be downloaded here.

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